About us

The International Institute of Deep Nations Managers is a non-governmental organization that can help you with the motto of business and income along with training combined with seasonal and permanent support in various small and large business fields. This organization provides consistent services to owners. Jobs and professionals in the fields related to the daily needs of the business market and income, in various categories including institutions, factories, private and government companies and home businesses, market making, marketing, as well as the study of domestic and foreign markets in the field of technology transfer, import, and export. Evaluating managers and employees and raising their ability level by holding specialized courses conferences and events can put you on the path to success.

A deep and specialized look and analysis of organizational behavior, and identification of the strengths and weaknesses of groups and business owners by defining a concrete vision can be implemented by employing managers and expert consultants of this group. Considering the degree of importance of human capital in the field of business and income, by providing specialized programs and practical solutions, the International Institute of Deep Nations Managers can provide a platform for great steps to success. Defining the needs and creating the necessary changes in the minds and beliefs of personnel and business owners, as well as their production and business methods, are the achievements of the day-to-day efforts of the managers of deep nations.

Companionship with you

By using the most basic and comprehensive business training methods, the International Institute of Deep Nations Managers makes a suitable and stable path in order to achieve the goals. Entering the field of success and well-being, finding the right problems and taking steps in the direction of desires will be realized by using the scientific and practical experiences of the expert consultants of this collection. And our experts will be with you until you achieve this success.

How to accompany


International Institute of Deep Nations Managers In this regard, holds various short and long-term courses, seminars, conferences, online training, home business, mind management and motivational courses, will offer specialized programs according to your needs in various areas of crisis resolution, human resources, organizational chart, production growth, the opportunity to be present in domestic and foreign markets will take an important step in advancing your goals.

Participation in courses

1- Mind management

The International Institute of Deep Nations Managers with various general and specialized short-term and long-term mind management courses that combine self-awareness training, creating changes in mental perceptions, recognizing internal and social problems and how to deal with them, recognizing personal weaknesses and strengths, Professional temperament and solutions for mental and physical boredom, and finally mastery of the mind and behavior and stability of personality, which is one of the main tools for people's success, will be available to you in the majority of online trainings, training packages and face-to-face training.

2- Grand proposals 

  • Developing the ability to choose the best solution and approve and implement it on time


    Planning, organizing and striving for optimal use of resources


    Improving the level of knowledge and ability of managers


    The research structure of the strategies for the development of the interaction of organizations and organizations with Targeting prevention and progress


    Identifying the weaknesses and strengths of management and future resources in the preventive process


    Structuring integrated management in crises

Our services

The working strategy

of the deep nations

3- Proposed micro projects

Conducting short-term training courses and seminars with the support and implementation of training in the field of business and trade for individuals, trades, companies and institutions, and consulting opportunities to attend and invest in domestic and foreign markets.

4- Signing the contract and memorandum

In different areas of business and income, training courses with the presentation of valid degrees

5- juridical

Providing all legal advice in the field of business and income, brand registration, company registration and etc.

6- Adolescent counselors group of Sadeq children (boys and girls)

International Institute of Deep Nations Managers for the first time in the country by using experiences and new educational and educational methods, a smooth path and a clear perspective in creating the necessary fields in connection with the right choice and correct use of internal talents, learning, goal setting Creating spirit in social communication, better learning the needs of the society, will create a bright future for the specialists of this water and soil, the most important capital of your life is your dear children, by using this educational field, you have taken a big step in realizing their goals and dreams.

7- Technical and professional

8- Advice and support

Consulting, business prospects and income and support to bring it to fruition.

The opportunity to establish a relationship with the business work and successful companies.

Planning, organizing and striving for optimal use of resources.

X- Trade Desk (VIP)

Creating an environment for the exchange of business and income information and the opportunity for group or individual presence in domestic and foreign markets in the majority of the sponsorship space, Commercial and economic, etc.

It was created for the first time in the International Institute of Deep Nations Managers and is ready to provide services to the members of this institute.


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